Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom 12" Vinyl

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Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom 12" Vinyl

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Album Release March 8th

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Blake - Let A Thousand Flowers Bloom

1. This is a Work of Fiction
2. Be a Friend of Mine
3. Enough
4. Watching the Time
5. Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom
6. Spinning
7. The Message
8. Waiting for the Choir to Sing
9. Your Heart isn’t Cold like Mine
10. Oscar Wilde

Blake - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Bass, Accordion, Glockenspiel, Mellotron
Additional musicians: Chris Johnedis - drums, Andrew Jones - upright bass, Mel Baker - violin, Esther Chang - Cello, Selena Kent - Flute
Chris and Andrew were tracked at Bungalow 9 studios by engineer Danny O’Hanlon
Cover Art by Hannah Stoney
Layout/Design by Jason Blake
Mixed and Produced by Blake
Mastering by Tony Lash

Thanks to Peter Hamilton, Judith Ten Thy, Nicole George, Josh Garrels, Carl Thiel, Jeff and Betsy Steele, Danny O’Hanlon, Sebastian Rogers and Catherine Feeny, Andy Dollerson, Sam Adams, Hannah Stoney, John Ross, Jason Blake, Mom & Dad, my lovely wife Jenny, all the musicians who enhanced this album with their talents, and the friends and family who helped make this album possible.

Songs written by Blake, copyright 2015